CGI VS Practical Effects - Why is CGI seen as lesser?

A few weeks back, behind-the-scenes footage from the production of Prey sparked up debate online on CGI vs Practical Effects. Before CGI was a thing, it was all practical all the time due to necessity. However, in the years since Jurassic Park showed us that CGI can be more impressive in many ways, Hollywood has gone CGI for most everything.

Many wish to return to practical effects, but few pay it any mind. Seeing a practical effect Predator was built for Prey though, and painted over with CGI got people to talk about how (blog) the practical suit simply looked better. Thus, I devoted a segment on Live & Wired to the topic, and ran a poll over practical effects vs CGI.

However, even I was not quite prepared for the response - only 2% of the over 5k votes were in favor of CGI, and a larger percentage of comments derided CGI over it's lack of artistry and downright soulless production.

Trying to look at this as objectively as possible, I have to say that statement cannot be true. However, it is worth exploring the reasonings why it seems a good amount of people certainly feel that way.


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